"Reaccionary hysteria"

Article by Rui Paz, collaborator of the International Department

These days, whoever opens a German newspaper, listens to a wireless  station or tries to watch a TV programme, will think one has gone back to the Cold War times. After 20 years, the capital, showing itself so aggressive and casting an intense campaign on the “fall of the Wall”, is not provided of innocence.

Particularly the German bourgeoisie, which along History has systematically used militarism, democrat and revolutionary assassinations, slave labour, invented the death industrialization and the mass extermination
within gas chambers, now intends to present
the 1989-1990 events, which led both to the end of socialism and the GDR, as a “revolutionary” or “liberating” process, and profit
the occasion to play its “love for democracy” farce.

Above all, the “ fall of the Wall” celebrations, aim at the Germany so-called “reunification” disaster camouflage, which liquidated 30% of the GDR’s industrial production, generating an unemployed army, driving
hundreds of thousand people to emmigration and throwing other 7
million unto a life level under poverty limits, while 25 000 obtained millionaire incomes.

This gigantic diversion and ideological intoxication manoeuvre is not separable from the severe capitalist system current crisis and the civilizational setbacks, during these last decades. In Germany, the monopolist capital has reasons to panic. Twenty years after, not only the majority of the Eastern population consider socialism superior to capitalism, but, the rejection to public services, post offices and
transport privatization grows in the West, while, simultaneously, the nationalization of electricity and gas monopolies support grows, within a plundered population, by the unbelievable increase of energy prices

The vast majority of German soldiers, who die in Afghanistan, come from Eastern Germany, where, a short time ago, there existed a pacifist State, contrary to wars and aggressions and poverty has placed its youth at the mercy of militarism. Some years ago, it would have been impossible to imagine, baron von Guttenberg, the current Defence Minister in Berlin, to consider the launching of bombs over the civil Afghani population, as a “military adequate” act.
Lenine explains
capitalism’s reactionary and oppressor character in its imperialist phase, underlining “ the bourgeoisie, from a rising and progressist class, changed into a reactionary, decadent, corrupt and interiorly dying ” ( “Under a Foreign Flag”, 1915, Berlin, Werke, vol.21).

Totally corroborating this analysis, Norberto Walter, the Deutsche Bank economy department responsible, states “ after the ending of the GDR’s socialism, the time has come to overcome Western socialism”, in other words/ that is, to  destroy the democratic, social and civilizational conquests, achieved by workers
and peoples, through hard struggles, within an international
force correlation, which obliged imperialism to restrain its

Blair, Schroder and Socrates, policy charlatans, who have been following the “markets’ superiority” spelling-book , are being dismasked by reality
itself. After all, the bankers’ “State of Law”, cannot exist
without the State coffers’ plunder nor the NATO’s bayonets. If
today, Salazar, Franco and the Greek Colonels’ executioners’
dictatorships there existed, they would most certainly have sent
their emissaries to Berlin and, in a reactionary hysteria fit,
celebrated together with Angela Merkel and the other European capital
representatives, the so-called “ fall of the Wall”.


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