National Issues

Rally of the 47th. Avante Festival!

From here I salute the thousands who built, promoted and those who ensure the functioning of this great Festival, I salute the youth and JCP who make this remarkable collective construction, and rightly so, their Festival. I salute all the visitors, those who are always there, those who have returned and those who are here for the first time. Here you are at home and know that tomorrow we will be by your side, in different expressions of life, in the difficulties, in the dream, in the joy, in the fair struggles that we will carry out.

If a country's development were measured by privatisations, our country would be at the top

Here we are, confident, determined, full of life and with a great joy to live, fight and make a change. The challenges we face are many, but they are not big enough to discourage us, on the contrary, each one of them gives us even more strength. We do not underestimate the difficulties, but here we are, firm, determined, with a great joy to live and fight. And so it is, to the annoyance of the champions and beneficiaries of right-wing policies. Those protagonists and beneficiaries, those happy and very comfortable with the current situation.

TAP does not need to be privatised, it needs to be valued and managed to serve the interests of the Country

The book that we present here today is, and as its name implies, PCP’s contribution not only for resisting the privatisation of TAP, but also a clear denunciation of the tragedy of privatisations in Portugal. A tragedy sustained for years and years by a brutal ideological campaign aimed at public companies, seeking to convince the workers and the Portuguese people that what was theirs, built with their effort and work, should be delivered into the hands of capital.

Sandra Pereira at the People's Summit

Sandra Pereira, member of the PCP in the European Parliament, participates in the People's Summit, taking place on the Campus of the ULB – Free University of Brussels, on July 17 and 18. The PCP’s MEP will participate in the panel on “New forms of dirty war: coups, lawfare, disinformation, sanctions and economic war”, which will take place on July 18, in Auditorium C of the ULB Campus.

Solidarity with the Venezuelan people’s determination

This resolution on Venezuela insists on the manipulation and concealment of facts and on buttressing US’s interventionist strategy. For more than two decades, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has been the target of US interference and aggression, examples of which are the orchestration of coups d'état, the creation of puppet 'institutions', the continuing campaign of disinformation or the imposition of a cruel economic blockade, aimed at affecting the rights and living conditions of the Venezuelan people.

We demand an immediate end to Israel's violence against the Palestinian people

We are debating this resolution in the context of Israel's increasingly brutal policy of aggression against the Palestinian people. An example of this is the recent attack on the Jenin refugee camp - 12 dead, over 100 injured, including children, the expulsion of hundreds of families from their homes. We condemn and demand an immediate end to Israel's violence against the Palestinian people.

For the right to Housing. Lower mortgage payments and rents

I would like to begin by underlining the timeliness of this initiative at a time when thousands and thousands of people are struggling to access or maintain housing. A situation that rightly worries so many men and women living in our country. It worries those who have a rented home and are faced with rent increases or risk eviction. It worries those who have loans and see the mortgage payments rise to unaffordable values. It worries the more than 70 thousand families who live without decent housing.

Communiqué of the Central Committee of the PCP of June 30 and July 1

The Central Committee of the PCP, meeting on June 30 and July 1, evaluated the developments in the national situation, defined priorities for the intervention and reinforcement of the Party, for the intensification of the mass struggle, for the break with right-wing policies and for a patriotic and left-wing alternative. I - National Situation

Consecutive increase in reference interest rates declared by the ECB and its impacts on workers and families

Following the decision by the European Central Bank (ECB) to increase the reference interest rate to 4%, after eight consecutive increases, anticipating a new increase in July, the PC´s MPs in the European Parliament took the initiative to promote a letter signed by several MPs from different Member States and political groups, addressed to the European Council, the European Commission and the European Central Bank. -/-   Hon. President of the European Council, Charles Michel

«Government propaganda does not pay rents, mortgages, does not put food on the table»

We are here for yet another momentous day of a great day of struggle by Portuguese workers. A very fair struggle, very fair demands, struggling for what is a fundamental issue today, which is wages, rights, against precariousness, a struggle for their rights, their aspirations. But it is a struggle for the country too.