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PCP salutes the Venezuelan people for the defence of democracy and Peace

PCP salutes the Venezuelan people for the defence of democracy and Peace

Press Office Statement
July 31, 2017

The PCP salutes the Venezuelan people for the expressive and determined act of democratic and sovereign affirmation that the popular participation in the election of the National Constituent Assembly represents.

The large turnout in the elections for the National Constituent Assembly (more than eight million voters, 41% of voters), in a country where voting is not compulsory, constitutes a very important collective message in defence of peace, democracy and sovereignty of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The PCP considers that the sovereign will of the Venezuelan people, once again unequivocally expressed, must be respected.

The manoeuvres to intensify the economic war and violent putschist destabilization, campaigns of lies, misinformation or external interference - like the threats of the US Administration, the European Union and other countries aligned with imperialism in the aggression against the Bolivarian revolution - constitute an attack on the Venezuelan people, on national sovereignty, democracy and a clear violation of international law.

The PCP reaffirms that it is up to the Venezuelan people to decide their own future and the organisation of the Venezuelan State.

The PCP considers that the defence of the interests and security of the Portuguese community living in Venezuela implies condemnation of the destabilizing, terrorist and putschist action. It is this attitude of respect for the sovereignty of Venezuela that is demanded from the Portuguese government.

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