"To where does Obama run ?"

Article by Albano Nunes, member of the Secretariat and of the Political Commitee of the CC

The international power of the media under the North-American leader class is really overwhelming. It is with it, and the military superiority it detains, that the USA counts on to defend its hegemonic position within the imperialist field, turn round the successive fiascos of its home and foreign policy, persist in the pretension of imposing to the world a totalitarian " new order "against the workers and against the peoples.

All this with regard to the authentic planetary bombardment with the " primaries " of the presidential elections in the USA, which in Portugal, have had such an excessive expression as well as ideologically manipulating.

There are multiple messages, both explicit or subliminal, planned by a bombardment which has last for several months and that menaces to go on till the elections, centred, not any more in the Obama – H.Clinton " duel ", but between the Democratic and Republican candidates , the two sides of the unique party of the system. But the most pharisaic and dangerous of all is the one that aims to put through the one that is possibly the most sophisticated capital dictatorship, as the most transparent and model liberty regime. So transparent and exemplary that not only can and "must "proclaim itself as "the leader of the free world "and claim the right to give the world lessons on " liberty" and " human rights " , even if for that it has to tear apart the UN Charter and resort, just as in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon, Colombia and in other countries, to State terrorism violence.

This dangerous artifice is all the more serious as it develops within the framework in which the Bush Administration intensifies the run to armament and the militarization of the economy, multiplies " preventive " wars, develops new interference and aggression programmes in Latin America and in Africa, maintains imprisonment and torture secret centres, continues to walk all over international legality .The media bombardment has been used as a screen for these and other crimes which, in the essential, flanked the " primaries ".

With this, we do not consider the result of the North – American presidential elections indifferent. We do affirm, we are before a farce in which, differences of style , speech and dealing manner with such and such a question ( such as the departure to the Iraq swamp ), therefore hide, major coincidences in the defence of the expansionist interests of the great North – American capital. The difficulties in which the USA power system strives, both in the home and foreign level ( and according to the surveys would situate 70% of the North – Americans against the Bush policy ), oblige that even McCain, the republican candidate, demarks himself from the present White House tenant. Besides, the "change" slogan, made it possible to Obama overthrow Mrs. Clinton.

But the "change" announced by Obama, does not allow space for many hopes. If there were illusions on what concerns the real class substance of his ideas and the manoeuvre margin he can dispose of relating to the power class, he himself, took charge of dissipating them, with his speech at the siege of the most powerful Israeli lobby, in the precise moment of victory in the run for his nomination. Identifying himself with the Israeli criminal action (to the point of supporting the Jerusalem annexation by the Zionists) and threatening Iran with the use to "all" possible means, Obama made it clear, on the path he intends to follow, if he will be elected and if the struggle of peoples will not prevail upon the binding of the North-American imperialism predator and aggressive hands.

The "change" Obama presents the world with, is not good, if the circumstances do not compel another path. "Change ", that two masterful sentences from his victory speech, pronounced in Minnesota, on that same day (in Le Monde, 05.06.08 ), help to illuminate: " change is to recognize that answering today’s threats, does not only demand our fire power, but also the power of our diplomacy, a firm diplomacy…", " we must find again the courage and the conviction to lead the free world". The record stands here. May all be on guard.

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