Translated "Avante!" article by Ângelo Alves, member of the Political Commitee and of the International Department

A visit to Brazil

As the "Avante" informed, a PCP delegation, headed by comrade´ Jerónimo de Sousa, visited Brazil, between the 9 -13th June. An important visit, which took place following an invitation from the Communist Party of Brazil, and lasted five days, visiting three cities, São Paulo, Brasília and Rio de Janeiro which strongly contributed for the reinforcement of the friendship and cooperation relations between the PCP and the Communist Party of Brazil and for the deepening of the knowledge about the complex economical, social and political situation of that country, which is Brazil.

A visit marked by a heavy agenda of contacts, not only in the partidary´s level, the PCP delegation carried out meetings at the highest level with the CP of Brazil, with the some of the most important Parties, that , today, integrate to the basis of support of the Government, presided by Lula da Silva ( namely the Workers'Party ) and the Communist Party of Brazil but also at the State Institutions level, with the carrying out of meetings with important personalities of the Brazilian State, such as the Vice-President of the Federative Republic of Brazil , the President of the Chamber of Deputies and the President of the Federal Senate , among many other members of the Government, the Presidency of the Republic and the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil.

A visit which, notwithstanding being intense, on what concerns the official contacts level, did not abstain from paying attention to the PCP´s bilateral relations in Brazil, opened doors to new forms of cooperation between the PCP and the CP of Brazil, which will have, in the month of July next, another important moment, with the visit of a CP of Brazil delegation, to Portugal, headed by its President Renato Rabelo.

But, a visit which did not forget the Portuguese community, living in Brazil, carrying out meetings with the PCP´s emigration organization and with visiting the House of Portugal , in São Paulo, hosted by the Council of the Portuguese Communities, in Brazil. A visit which ended with a "golden key", on its last day, with the PCP`s delegation visit to the communist architect Oscar Niemeyer, during a meeting which took place in a deep friendship and fraternal atmosphere.

At the end of such a complete visit, on the political, institutional and cultural point of view, the feeling that prevails is of hope in the future of that great country and people, and the role of the Brazilian communists. Hope, that cannot be considered detached from the present moment and the tendencies that are experienced within Latin America. Alike the rest of the sub-continent, Brazil is also today, an unbounded social and political laboratory, yet marked by the contradictions resulting from the prevailing of the economic, social and political capitalist system, within the Brazilian society and the heterogeneous basis of political support of the present government. But a country where the efforts to affirm Brazil´s sovereignty, develop its productive forces, withdraw great masses of the Brazilian population from poverty, advances towards a just distribution of the produced wealth and develops a foreign solidarity and cooperation policy with several Latin America countries . Brazil is today Cuba`s main economic partner, respecting its sovereignty, which we feel are

An important visit for the PCP and its international relations. But, moreover, an important visit for our Country and for the relations among the peoples of Brazil and Portugal, considering the scandalous silence to which it was voted to by the Portuguese media, and can only be explained by the most primary anti-communism.

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