Release from the PCP Press Office

PCP condemns a new step in the war of aggression against Syria

The PCP condemns the ongoing Turkish military aggression against Syria aimed at a direct occupation of part of its territory, which constitutes an open violation of International Law and a new and dangerous development in the aggression against that country.

It should be noted that the aggression against Syria was launched eight years ago by the US and other NATO members - including Turkey - in collusion with the Zionist regime of Israel and Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, among others, and with the support of the Portuguese Government.

At a time when several governments and institutions hypocritically try to give an appearance of disassociation from this new military aggression against Syria, the PCP recalls the complicity of the European Union and the active participation of its major powers - particularly France and the United Kingdom - in the continuous subversions, aggressions and crimes in the Middle East region, starting with Syria. Likewise, the PCP recalls that the various terrorist groups that remain in Syrian territory were, or continue to be, under the orders of the aggressor imperialist powers that created, trained, fund, arm and protect them as part of their strategy of destabilization, occupation and division of Syria.

The PCP alerts to the involvement of the Trump Administration in complex manoeuvres of conspiracy, of which its stand on this aggression is an integral part, and the danger that it could be part of a larger operation aimed at freeing thousands of terrorists from the so-called “Daesh” and other groups, recycling them for further acts of aggression in the Middle East - whether in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen or Iran - or elsewhere in the world, notably in Central Asia, or Afghanistan, or Africa.

The PCP believes that only respect for International Law and, first of all, for the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic will end an aggression of unforeseeable consequences for the Middle East and the world. In this regard, the PCP reaffirms the call for an end to the aggression against Syria; the withdrawal of all foreign military forces of occupation, such as those of the US, which illegally remain in Syrian territory; and the return of all Syrian territories to the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic, including the Golan Heights, illegally occupied by Israel.

The PCP reaffirms its solidarity with Syria and its people, who have resisted the huge operation of aggression and interference that was launched over the past eight years. The victory of the Syrian people in defending the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of their country is a major factor in defeating the plans of imperialism in the Middle East - including those of liquidating the just cause of the Palestinian people and those of military aggression against Iran; to defend International Law and the rights of the peoples of the region; and to respond to the complex problems that result from the colonial heritage and decades of domination and interference by imperialism, as is the case the Kurdish issue.

The PCP expresses its solidarity with the millions of displaced persons and refugees who are victims of the strategy of aggression and division of Syria promoted by imperialism and condemns the manoeuvres that violate their rights, both by the European Union and by the Turkish Government.

The PCP demands from the Portuguese Government a clear position of distancing and rejection of the strategy of destabilization, aggression and division of Syria promoted by imperialism and the demand for respect for International Law and for the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic.

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