Release do Gabinete de Imprensa dos Deputados do PCP ao PE

In defense of the people and the Country! For a Europe of workers and peoples!

The PCP Members of the European Parliament will exert their mandates honoring their commitments assumed before the Portuguese people, with a firm and permanent intervention in the intransigent defense of the rights and interests of workers, the people and the Country: to ensure progress and fight setbacks; to break with the path of inequality, dependence and national abdication that has been imposed upon the Portuguese people and Portugal; to fight the submission to the Euro and the impositions and conditions of the European Union and recover the necessary instruments towards the resolution of the people’s problems and the sovereign development of the Country; to advance in the construction of a patriotic and left-wing alternative; to pave the way towards a Europe of cooperation, progress and peace.

The PCP Members of the European Parliament will continue their intervention deeply connected with the reality of the Country, based on their knowledge of the people’s problems and needs and giving a voice to their aspirations, promoting regular and direct contact with the workers, populations, and with diversified areas and sectors of activity.

At the European level, PCP is committed to the cooperation among communist parties and seeks to contribute –respecting its identity and independence– towards common or convergent action with other progressive forces that share the objective of a Europe of cooperation, progress and peace, as expressed in the «Common Appeal for the European Parliament elections – For a Europe of workers and peoples», subscribed by 24 political forces from different member countries of the European Union.

PCP is committed to pursuing the experience of cooperation in the Confederal Group of the European United Left/Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) in the European Parliament,
following fundamental principles of its functioning –its confederal nature; consensus decision making; equality among delegations and respect for their differences; its autonomy and distinct identity regarding the other political groups in the European Parliament and other structures or cooperation fora.

PCP considers the respect for these principles and their coherent application by the Group, together with its intervention in defense of another Europe, as a condition to ensure the continuity of the Group’s role as a forum of cooperation that gives voice in the European Parliament to the struggles of workers and peoples; that affirms, proposes and defends progressive and clearly distinctive policies from those pursued by the right and social-democracy; and that gives expression and content to the struggle for a different path for Europe.

PCP will continue to intervene, namely in the framework of the European Parliament, rejecting impositions and limitations upon democracy and the will of peoples, seeking a rupture with the European Union of monopolies and big powers, and building a Europe of cooperation among sovereign and equal States, of social progress and peace, a Europe of workers and peoples

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