Release from the PCP Press Office

On the Amazon fires

In the light of the great fires in the Amazon, the PCP expresses its solidarity with the peoples of the affected countries, in particular with the populations living in the Amazon rainforest.

The great fires in the Amazon are a striking example of how the capitalist mode of production only values and favours, both in nature and in society, the aim of profit.

The destruction of the Amazon did not begin now. Multinationals and other economic groups have long competed over the resources of the Amazon, expressed in economic, political and geostrategic levels, deepening their appropriation of lands, raw materials, resources extracted from nature. Aims they find in the Brazilian Government, led by Bolsonaro, ultra-liberal programmes that give free rein and boost the quest of big capital and agro-business economic groups to grab the great natural riches.

The PCP alerts that the need for international cooperation and aid should not legitimize those who aim to favour plans and processes of economic domination and ways to transfer the costs to the peoples of the world, erasing responsibilities of the capitalist mode of production in the environmental degradation.

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