Release from the PCP Press Office

War Summit in the Azores - Another shocking act of subservience

The holding, on national territory, this coming Sunday, of a Summit with the aim of forging the launching of a “preventive” and unilateral war by the US against Iraq, gathering Bush and his main European puppets, constitutes yet another shocking example of subservience and tagging along by the Portuguese government and its political involvement in the aggression against Iraq.

As it is well known, the announced participants in this Summit have a clear and long premeditated choice for war, and the holding of this Summit, besides distributing the roles in the latest manoeuvres of pressure on the Security Council member countries, will aim to establish a timetable for the diplomatic and military operations, both in relation to the UN and in relation to the launching of war.

The choice of an island in the Autonomous Region of the Azores, interestingly where there is an airbase granted to the US, as the venue for a Summit is not alien to the increasingly wide gap between the governments supporting the war and the public opinion of their countries.

The PCP reaffirms its deep condemnation of the course and attitudes of the PSD-CDS/PP government on this issue, which are clearly against the interests of peace, the feelings of the majority of the Portuguese, the Constitution of the Republic and the UN Charter.da República e a Carta da ONU.

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