International Conference - Press Release

"The Victory over Nazi-Fascism, 60 years on: the current situation and the struggle of Communists and other progressive forces"

At the invitation of the Portuguese Communist Party, an International Conference on the theme “The Victory over Nazi-Fascism, 60 years on: the current situation and the struggle of Communists and other progressive forces” was held in Almada on 2 September, on the eve of the opening of the “Avante!” Festival. The conference was attended by several party delegations that were invited to the Festival of the PCP's central organ.

Against the backdrop of a commemoration of the Victory, and the striking relevance of its historical significance, participants at the conference engaged in a useful exchange of information and views on the situation in several countries and on the tasks facing their respective parties, as well as on the overall international situation.

The conference emphasized in particular the need to fight attempts at manipulating and re-writing the history of World War II with a view to whitewashing Fascism’s monstrous crimes and the support it got from big business, downplaying the decisive contribution of the peoples of the USSR and the Red Army in defeating Nazi-Fascism and the role of Communists and other anti-Fascists in the Resistance, as well as the liberating developments that were made possible by the Victory.

Defending and promoting historical truth, especially amongst the younger generations, is of the utmost importance in the face of the threats and dangers of the current international situation - which is characterized by the ongoing exploitative and agressive assault by big capital and imperialism and the systematic use of war by the USA to impose its interests and world hegemony - and is a major contribution to the struggle for social progress, peoples’ sovereignty and world peace.

Several participants stressed that, respecting the specific context and different views of individual organizations, there is a need to strive for common or converging initiatives by Communist parties and other progressive forces against the neoliberal policies that are destroying social rights and achievements, to expose the “securitarian” offensive that threatens fundamental freedoms and democratic rights, and in the struggle against militarism, racism and war.

Participants expressed their solidarity towards all peoples that face the interference and threats of imperialism and are fighting for the right to decide their own future. Particularly stressed were the demands for the withdrawal of occupation forces from Iraq and the support for the Palestinian people's struggle against Israel’s sinister projects and for a sovereign State, as was solidarity with socialist Cuba. Amongst other issues that were discussed, particular emphasis was given to the French and Dutch rejection of the so-called “institutional treaty” and to the USA’s destructive approach that could jeopardize the forthcoming UN summit.

Emphasis was given to the development of resistance to neoliberalism and war throughout the world and to the strengthening of internationalist co-operation and solidarity amongst all peace-loving and progressive forces.

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