Macron’s federalist, neoliberal and militarist “crusade” came to Portugal, for the joy, although restricted - owing to the Summer season-, of the European Union local heralds, who helped the French president’s trickery performance.

Macron, a shuffler, playing and dealing cards again, tries to hinder his mind and his will, distorting reality, following the apologetic dimension of his desires. The list is long and sought for.

Macron, a swindler, transfigures his federalist deepening intent – in other words, regarding the EU great powers directorate domain instruments reinforcement and a greater subordination of the so-called “periphery” to his interests and abuse – unto an aforementioned “European sovereignty”, naturally according to his ambition (and the needs) of the French great capital.

At the same time, he disguises his offensive against rights – one ought to consider the rights, freedoms and guarantees disrespect and his government violent attack to social rights, including labour rights and social services, side by side with the huge struggle in their defence, that workers and peoples carry out within France -, in the pursuit of Blair’s “third direction” rendered to neo-liberalism, currently creatively disguised by Macron as “progressiveness”.

Macron, equally ignores his militarist and aggressive rage – an authentic paladin of the run to armaments and interventionism, as one can recently and euphemistically see the so-called “European intervention initiative”, promoted by France and its neo-colonialist drive, particularly directed against Africa and the Middle East, not forgetting the Far East - launching laudatorier words to peace, but instead, promoting war.

In order to impose the unacceptable, Macron reduces, in a dishonest and manipulating manner, the peoples’ options within countries, that currently, are European Union members unto the fallacious choice between the xenophobe and reactionary far-right wing nationalism and “Europeanist,” under which federalism, neo-liberalism and militarism hinder – eluding, after all, what unites many, such as the alliance between the right and the far-.right wings of the Austrian government, that currently presides the EU Counsel.

Macron knows about his job. Showing service, he profusely proclaims for a “more” EU, always hindering the fact his proposals represent a greater regression of rights, aggravating social inequalities, and the development of disparities among countries; the political and economic domain of the great powers, a greater aggression towards national sovereignty, along with the consequent emptying of democracy; militarism, interference and aggression intensifying; the imperialist political-military block ambition.

The greatest fears regarding Macron’s condemnable interests, he performs, is that peoples achieve a greater conscience on the EU and its policies, dictated by great powers and certain great economic and financial groups, in confront with the rights and desires of workers and peoples, that, another direction for Europe is possible, of cooperation among sovereign states and equality in rights, social progress, peace with all peoples worldwide.

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