Release from the PCP Press Office

On the situation in the Middle East

The PCP expresses its deep concern and strong indignation regarding the brutal Israeli military offensive of occupation of territories under Palestinian administration and the attack on the installations of the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah with a real sequestration of Yasser Arafat.

The PCP underlines that this action, which can only contribute to aggravate the situation and intensify an uncontrollable spiral of violence and despair, represents a new and extraordinarily dangerous escalation of Ariel Sharon's aggressive policy that has been expressed in the refusal to comply with all the agreements signed with the Palestinian Authority and the main UN resolutions, in an attitude which undoubtedly has been favoured by the complicity of the US Administration positions.

The PCP stresses the need and urgency of the Portuguese government intervening with the European Union so as to favour political and diplomatic initiatives to isolate Ariel Sharon's government, demand the immediate withdrawal of the military forces occupying the Palestinian territories and protect the lawful rights of the Palestinian people.

In this dramatic moment for the Palestinian people, the PCP renews its active solidarity with their resistance and struggle and appeals to the national public opinion to express in all sorts of ways its protest against Ariel Sharon's aggressive policy and for a just and lasting peace in the Middle East, that guarantees the national rights of the Palestinian people.

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