PCP salutes the Communist Party of Chile and the Chilean people

The PCP warmly congratulated the Communist Party of Chile and, through it, the organisations that constituted the “Aprovo Chile Digno” Comando and other Chilean progressive and democratic forces, on the important victory of the popular will in the Constitutional Plebiscite, held on October 25, which opens prospects for the construction of a sovereign, democratic Chile, of justice and social progress.

The PCP saluted the overwhelming pronouncement of the Chilean people in favour of drafting a new Constitution to replace the constitutional text of 1980, a legacy of Pinochet's fascist dictatorship, and which represents the defeat of the neoliberal and anti-democratic model that it contains.

In its letter, the PCP stressed the important decision of the Chilean people to draft the new Constitution through the election of a Constituent Assembly, sovereign and broadly representative.

The PCP also considered that this victory, inseparable from the determined struggle of the Chilean communists to uphold the interests of the Chilean workers and people and the unity of the popular, progressive and democratic forces, is the result of the mobilisations and protest actions, which culminated in the broad popular mobilisation of October 18, 2019, against the brutal and criminal exploitative and repressive policy of the right-wing government, headed by Pinera, and for the convening of a national plebiscite for a new Constitution and a Constituent Assembly.

For the PCP, this victory of the Chilean people encourages and gives confidence to all those in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as in the World, who embrace the cause of the social and national emancipation of the peoples.

Reaffirming its solidarity with the CCP and the Chilean people, the PCP expressed its best wishes for success in the battles ahead to carry out the drafting and adoption of a new Constitution, to carry out profound democratic changes - political, economic, social, cultural - and to build a dignified Chile for which the Chilean workers and popular masses fight and to which they are legitimately entitled and aspire.