«Parable of the blind»

Translated "Avante!"article by Pedro Guerreiro, Member of the Secretariat of the CC and Responsible of the International Department

The European Counsel meeting begins today, and once again, many more important decisions on the so-called Economic and Monetary Union reform were announced (EMU) – in other words, the Euro. Nevertheless, this meeting, even though concealed, is to be marked by the deep and growing European capitalist integration process’ contradictions – not ignoring many dangers on new and more serious forging ahead measures.

One ought to underline that precisely those that generally are considered as the European Union great powers – United Kingdom, France, Italy and even Germany - , are where instability and contradiction factors become more and more relevant on the so-called “ European integration”.

As an example, the United Kingdom EU exit process, the later actively wishes to contradict and revert, disrespecting the British people’s sovereign decision. France, with Macron’s growing difficulties, the acclaimed and embraced herald of the neoliberal, militarist and federalist EU assault, in the mist of dealing with the discontent and protest expression, even though, sometimes in a contradictory and even monitored manner, before the great capital favouritism policies, of social setback, life conditions worsening, attack against rights and freedoms. One ought to observe Italy’s renitent position before the EU dictates concerning its 2019 national budget. The decline signals regarding the German economy and the deterioration of the main political forces amid this country, that for decades were responsible for the European capitalist integration process.

The EU, however plunged amid contradictions, relentlessly sets off unto a neoliberal, militarist and federalist vertigo. If true, what is announced for the European Counsel concerning the EMU, more means to support the more developed countries are to be expected ( their great economic and financial groups) , as well as new and reinforced interference, economic and political domain mechanisms targeted towards dependent countries, for decades, in result of Common Policies, Single Market and the Euro. Not surprising. And although some misunderstandings, the great powers directorate - (currently reduced)- interests from (their) economic and financial groups, that prevail.

Therefore, the elections for the European Parliament on May 26th next, are an important opportunity , through the PCP and the CDU, to affirm the need and possibility of a rupture regarding inequalities, dependence and national abdication imposed upon the country and the Portuguese people, opening the path towards a patriotic and left-wing alternative that ought to defend sovereignty and national independence, facing, with no hesitations, the submission to the Euro and the European Union impositions and constraints, in order to ultimately recuperate the necessary instruments to overpass problems and guarantee its sovereign development – therefore contributing for the building of a Europe in cooperation among sovereign states and equal in rights, social progress and peace for all peoples throughout the world.

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