"An obscene doctrine"

Translated "Avante!"article by Luís Carapinha, Member of the International Department

Rex Tillerson ‘s speech ( Texas University), on the eve of his departure for the first peril throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, a month ago, holds the fundamental lines of the Trump Administration’s doctrine for the region, and that North-American imperialism insists in treating as a back yard. Not surprisingly, Venezuela and Cuba figure as priority targets. Washington carries on assuming to be a paladin of the combat to “ eliminate tyranny” and augur “political freedoms” and “democratic values”. Throughout the world and particularly in all Americas. This is the musty story with which the USA power and its profuse melodious court and dense network of class dependence wriggle the real and infamous exploitation, interference and interventionism action.

The Secretary of State, profiting a breath, adverted China’s presence, reminding mournfully, that Beijing is the major Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru trade partner. An unprecedented desecration, within the vital region, for the USA’s monopolist interests – out there, the greatest world economy yet presents a trade balance positive outcome, in contrast with the heavy global USA deficit ( mainly with China).

For the former Exxon Mobil CEO, China’s cooperation with the region is pernicious, “its development model ruled by the state is reminiscent from the past” and Beijing seduces by using a delusive “development direction”, towards a “long-term dependence”. One ought to admit that the USA know their way about. But Tillerson went further. Invited to anticipate the 200 years of the Monroe doctrine celebrations, that in 1823 established the Western hemisphere, as a USA private covert, and starting the continent secular domination, under the future imperialist dominant power in the world, Tillerson praised its action by considering its application as a great success. Moreover, under the present situation. The right-wing turn and the strong imperialist assault within Latin America, is currently a reality.

In 2013, John Kerry, secretary of state, in a speech at the OEA headquarters, declared the solemn ending of the Monroe doctrine. At that time, the force correlation dynamics permitted the advance of the multilateral cooperation, in organizations such as the ALBA, UNASUR and the CELAC, whilst the White House geared the imperialist counter-offensive. Currently, and under the subversive campaign eagerness to restore the oligarchy, the USA straddle the reactionary crusade, by intensifying the domain and “unilateral” exploitation on the whole natural resources, work force and economic potential, in the region.

With Almagro’s presence in the OEA, not holding the necessary number of votes, through the Lima Group, economic hassle, is in practise in the Bolivarian Venezuela, oil blockade threat, and military intervention, joining efforts in order to discredit the April 22nd elections. They seek to open a new chapter concerning the military relation with the Brazil coup, in process, side by side with the great capital privatization foray. Blessing the Honduras electoral coup and press the NAFTA more unequal revision with Mexico. Silencing the peace violation, within Colombia, and the atrocities proceed. And much more… But never counting on the popular and patriotic resistance, that sooner or later ought to definitely bury the obscene doctrine and the imperialism decaying domain over the open veins continent.

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