"New Colonialism"

Article by Rui Paz, collaborator of the International Department

The capitalist powers and their satellites decided to carry out a conference on Afghanistan, one of the countries attacked by the North-American and NATO forces following September 11th
2001, in London. For the Afghan people, the military occupation
outcome is catastrophic. The more and more cruel suffering and
massacres overcome all that occurred within the country during the Taliban government, a regime supported by the USA and NATO, during a long time.

But, eight years after, the situation has become a nightmare for the occupation forces.
Kabul’s regime and its leader Karsai are an authentic fiasco, under the light of the pseudo-democracy criteria, so propagandized by imperialism. The popular armed resistance grows day by day, provoking hard redundancies within the invasion troops. Militarism and the war international condemnation obliges imperialism to announce, that the
London conclave is due to prepare the foreign troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan when, in fact, their main goal is mistaking the public opinion, win time, reinforce the military occupation and intensify the war.

In Germany, 71% of the population defend their troops´ return home. In Great Britain and France, the peoples desire is equal. Even within the USA, the so-called paranoia of the “ war against terrorism, does not produce the intended results anymore. Nor the European Union leaders nationalist chauvinism, dreaming about military parades under confetti rain, in the old North-American style, nor the reintroducing
of the so-called “superiority” western civilization rhetoric, with which the Portuguese fascism justified the colonial war, for more than a decade, are able to convince the peoples to support an invasion, caused by shameful purposes, but well determined by the NATO great powers´ military experts.

Lieutenant-Colonel Reinhard Herde, the Bundeswehr ‘ leader of the intelligence of the prevention and risks department, referring the intense talks he had
held with the USA’s “ Military Intelligence Community” – in a time when imperialism was convinced peoples had been definitely converted to capitalism and militarism – revealed, with an unusual transparency to the Truppenpraxix ( nº2,1996), the German army official media, the imperialism strategy unto a new war cycle: “

The 21 century will be a time of new colonialism says one of the greatest NATO and European Union Armies´officer.Herde proceeds saying the future colonies are, above all, sources of raw materials and markets for the colonial powers…” The rich powers’
governments will have to establish physical and digital security corridors, in order to carry natural resources and due for trade, as well as for information and vigilance”. And he adds “ the great
century wars took place among rich States. During the following century, the wealthy States will have to defend their wealth against the poor peoples’ States and regions. In order to obtain, what previously, was purchased, it will be rendered necessary to run for war

The London conference has not as a goal, nor peace, peoples welfare, nor even the so-called “war against terrorism”. Its central action is to endeavour to
hold back the growing peoples’ resistance against imperialism and oppression and guarantee that the bloodshed which nourishes the market oligarchy plunder and the monopolist capital profits, does not stop lowing.

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