"Middle East: war and peace"

Translated "Avante!"article by Ângelo Alves, Member of the PCP Political Committee

The Middle East situation clearly reveals imperialism boycott strategy concerning the diplomatic field, by intensifying the use of war to attempt to maintain instability and positions , in the region. As analysed in due time, the USA and its more direct allies military defeats, in Syria, did not signify the end of dangers for the peoples of that country and the region. The events prove our analysis. The USA, Israel and France (currently more active) rendered all, under their reach, to boycott the taking place of the National Congress of the Syrian Dialogue, in Sochi, at the end of January last. The reason is clear, as those powers do not control nor influence the Sochi process, and more important than all, the Sochi process basis are issued from Syria territorial sovereignty and integrity and do not contemplate that state’s unconditional rendering and its further sectarian division.

All was prepared to cut short the path unto political and diplomatic negotiation, in Sochi. In Vienna, false negotiations were forged, in order to empty the process, the document delivered to the Syrian delegation was but a provocation, demanding the immediate Bashar Al-Assad stepping down. In Paris and almost at the same time, France organized a conference to depose Bashar Al-Assad, under the pretext the USA cannot prove the use of chemical weapons. On the field, the USA advanced with a huge provocation in the Syrian Northeast, announcing the creation of a so-called border military force, in reality a bounce in the Arab-Kurd groups armament, that integrate the so-called “international democratic coalition” and in the advance of the USA military occupation within that Syrian region. This fact drew Turkey to intervene in Syrian territory by targeting Kurd militias, an element that ought to be used to justify that a Kurd fraction financed and armed by the western powers, namely France (YPG), announced its absence to participate at the National Congress for the Syrian Dialogue, in Sochi.

On the other hand, Saudi Arabia, gave instructions to the self-named “ Syrian Negotiations Commission” – a political group, with its headquarters in Riad, and that represents a Bedouin Syrian fraction with strong liaisons with the Saudis – not to participate at the congress, in Sochi. In the end, the Sochi Congress took place, with the presence of a vast majority of Syrian fractions and about 1500 personalities from that country and named a constituent commission that ought to revise the current Syria Constitution.

But the answer from Israel and the USA was prompt: the night of 7 to 8th February, the USA bombed and killed 100 soldiers, loyal to the Syrian government, during an attack in Syria, and more and more, directed to Russia. On the other hand, and upon several provocations, Israel launched one of the major air raids, in the Syrian territory, over the last years, having carried out a number of provocations that ought to conduct to a new war against Lebanon, on February 10 last. The “ terrorism combat” mask has definitely fallen, imperialism and Zionism desire war and for that purpose cut all the paths unto peace.

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