«A matter of decision»

Translated "Avante!"article by Ângelo Alves, Member of the PCP Political Committee

The PS government decision to recognize the self-proclaimed puppet “president” Guaidó as “interim president of the Venezuela Bolivarian Republic, with the task of calling upon and organizing free elections” is one of the most serious, dangerous and cynical decisions coming from a Portuguese government, on international issues. It proves a total alignment with the imperialist policy and the interference, conspiracy and coup strategies performed by some of the most reactionary governments, throughout the world.

The Portuguese government supports a far right-wing coup d’état in Venezuela, and this is the matter .A coup d’état performed by a man, back-scratching Trump, Bolsonaro, the Colombian regime and many other right and far-right wing regimes. A man who for years was literally trained by several North-American conspiratorial organizations, adjunct to the CIA, and paid by Venezuelan oligarchs, namely in exile, and Colombian and North-American great capital sectors .And all for the sake of mining and overthrow democratically elected governments, in Venezuela, and carry out successive destabilization actions and fund a far right-wing organization – the Vontade Popular/ the Popular Desire – involved in several crimes, as the hideous “guarimbas”, linked with Maduro’s assassination attempts.

The very same man who the Portuguese government recognizes “ the necessary legitimacy for a pacific transition” is a leader of an organization involved in the 2017 crimes, killing more than a hundred people, some burned alive; who refused to participate in presidential elections, although anticipated, at the opposition request, knowing he was to loose; who refused all dialogue proposals presented by president Maduro; who claims the economic boycott intensifying and sanctions against his own people; who has verbalized the threat of a civil war; who is using the “humanitarian” venture, in order to prepare a possible invasion of Venezuela and ends up refusing Pope Francis mediation proposal.

The considered solution by the Portuguese government is the best to “restore the power of freely deciding their destiny is but promoting the man, who in December last, visited Colombia, Brazil and Washington incognito, to articulate the home destabilization manoeuvers ;to move forward that unto the self-proclamation upon the received orders from the USA vice-president; who is articulating all the steps with sinister figures as Michael Pompeo or John Bolton along with the Israeli government warm support.

No hypocrisy nor equidistant opportunists ought to hinder this issue. Antonio Costa ought to carry on proffering vigorous speeches on fascism dangers, nor Catarina Martins ought to undergo political equilibrium exercises in order to hinder the objective coup support, and will not escape from the inexorable time and truth arguments. Those, ought to prove that the struggle against fascism and towards peace is to condemn the coup, with no hesitations, to stand side-by-side of those who resist. It is a matter of decision!

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