Translated "Avante!"article by Jorge Cadima, Member of the International Department

The financial director and daughter of the Chinese Huawei cooperative founder seizure is of major importance. Meng Wanzhou was made prisoner, in Canada, by USA demand, in transit, from Hong Kong unto Mexico. The accusations took several days to be revealed (or invented). They regard a violation on USA sanctions against Iran. For the USA, their law is worldwide. National sovereignty is to be ignored.

Trump confirmed that the real reasons for the Huawei high leader’s detention are others, and stated to be ready to intervene regarding her liberation “ if I consider it to be good for what surely ought to be the greatest trade agreement ever” (in Bloomberg, 2018.12.12). It is “ hostage sequestration” as negotiable strategy”. But it is not all. Months ago, the New York Times wrote (in 2018.03.07): “ whilst the world prepares itself for a new Internet mobile generation… a Chinese company is determined to be the leader, placing itself in the core of the international dispute on technology future. Huawei, the giant media equipment producer has invested a lot of money in wireless networks’ research, granting patent key 5G technologies, or the fifth generation. It has engaged experts coming from foreign rivals, pushing them ahead to administrate international entities that decide on technology standards concerning the wire less equipment of the future”.

For the old capitalist world, China was to be but a cheap labor source. It became a powerful economic competitor, even regarding edge technologies. With no wars. Its panic. The “ economic freedom” is not for others to have profits on the ground of free competition. The real (old) liberalism nature immediately was clear. “A transition unto a 5G Chinese domination ought to have substantial negative consequences for the USA national security”, a member of the USA administration states( in NYT, 2018.0 (3.07). Colonies were equally mobilized. “ Leaders from British and Canadian intelligence highlighted for associated 5G risks, in these last days …. New Zeland stopped one of its media companies to buy Huawei equipment: the Australian government acted in a similar way”(in The Economist, 2018.12.07).

Whoever thinks the “PCP is defending China” ought to be informed on how General Electric (USA) took over Alstom, a French industry crown jewel, turbine producer for submarines and nuclear stations. A French documentary (“ Ghost War”) recently broadcasted once again on RT, tells the story. F Pierucci, a high Alstom clerk was imprisoned in the USA, accused of corruption, in Indonesia, in 2013. He remained in prison for two years (in French RT 2018.10.12). During the following months other directors were put to prison and Alstom subjected to millionaire fines.

Only its CEO travelled freely. She was secretly negotiating Alstom sale to General Electric, and that took place upon 2014, during Hollande and Obama. A French minister opposed. He was defeated. Macron ought to have had a say on the outcome (in French RT, 2018.10.31). He succeeded in life. World is small, but capitalist gangsterism is huge. To have in mind when “NATO allies” are mentioned.

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