«EU conspirecies»

Translated "Avante!"article by Pedro Guerreiro, Member of the Secretariat of the CC and Responsible of the International Department

The hysterical campaign and the several manoeuvres ,the “twists” and “turns”, pressures, blackmails, waving and threat with “chaos” and “disaster”, the European Union and the great economic and financial interests along with the heralds’ choir of the European capitalist integration process perform in order to negatively condition – and possibly , revert – the British people sovereign decision of the British Kingdom exit from European Union, expressed in a referendum on June 23rd, 2016, are impressive.

The European Union and its accomplices ,for more than two years, cynically conspiring, building an authentic negotiable “labyrinth” in order to create the idea of a so-called “impasse”, with the objective of stopping the natural United Kingdom exit from the EU, as established, in March 29th next.
The EU is usually holds this unacceptable disrespect behavior concerning of peoples sovereign desire and that attempt to clamp down. One recalls the referendums and treaties in Denmark and Ireland, repeated over and over unto the wanted outcome by the EU clique. The referendums on the “European constitution” in France and The Netherlands, deceitfully disrespected ,by imposing the Lisbon Treaty. The disregard concerning the referendum in Greece, that rejected the EU blackmail and ultimatum.

One ought to hold in mind that the EU unacceptable attitude is not new, but since the very first moment when the British people posed the possibility of expressing their sovereign decision on the permanency or not of their country within the EU. And how the EU shamelessly interfered during the campaign period for the referendum or even, before its outcome, all that was carried out to discredit and declare illegitimacy.

The truth is that the decision of the referendum expressed by the majority of the British people – and particularly by the popular and working classes - is the expression of a deep and just desire of rejection from the EU, its policies, co-responsible for the degrading of life conditions of millions of British citizens, exploitation and precariousness increase, attack to social rights, public services deterioration, brutal emphasis in social inequalities, disrespect for sovereignty.

In fact, this is the reality – not but in the United Kingdom – and that the EU and its heralds seek to hinder and brush aside.

The unacceptable attempts to condition the taking place of the sovereignly expressed desire of the British people to leave the EU prove the path is of rupture with inequality, dependence and national abdication imposed to Portugal and its people by the European Union. A patriotic and left-wing alternative is therefore necessary to liberate Portugal from the Euro submission and the EU impositions /rules, by defending sovereignty and national independence in order to regain for our country the necessary instruments for its sovereign development and its contribution for a different Europe, of cooperation among sovereign states, equal in rights, social progress and peace.

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