Contribution of the Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism


The struggles  among the different imperialist powers for re-sharing the world and for the extension of influence zones are intensifying. The joined and coordinated offensive led by all the capitalist classes, after the victory of the counter-revolution in USSR and in the socialist countries, against the social rights and against the political and economical sovereignty of economically dominated countries, does not prevent the sharpening of rivalries and inter-imperialist contradictions.

The imperialist countries and all the reactionary currents agree to fight against the communist currents, to intensify their attempts to criminalize the communism, to stamp out the aspiration of the workers to a socialist society getting rid of the bourgeoisie domination. At the same time, each imperialist power fights fiercely to increase its share to the detriment of its rivals. These struggles may lead to the exacerbation of the contradictions and the conflicts among the imperialist powers that progressive forces can use to succeed in their fight for the transformation of the world, to accumulate the necessary forces for revolutionary processes.

The American imperialism tries to impose its hegemony at a worldwide scale. But it collides with the resistance of the peoples as it appears in the growing influence of anti-capitalist forces in Latin America, in the successes, yet provisional, of anti-imperialist forces in Venezuela and Bolivia. In spite of the overwhelming military superiority, the importance of the means which are mobilized to obtain the support of currents and layers which accept its “protection”, or which surrender in front of its pressures, the American imperialism is facing huge difficulties in its attempts to put the Middle East under its exclusive domination.

The military defeats of the region States, due mainly to the anti-popular nature of the ruling regimes, to the propensity of ruling forces to look for a compromise to safeguard their interests, have not put an end to the multiform resistance of the peoples. In spite of its political weaknesses, the absence of progressive, influent and organized forces able to lead it, this resistance does not allow the bourgeoisies and the social forces ruling these countries to go too far in their tendency to surrender in front of the manoeuvres, the blackmail, the intimidations and all the forms of pressures from imperialist powers. These forces are compelled to take into account the refusal of the popular masses in front of humiliation and of plundering. But because of their class interests, of their fear to lose the power under the rush of the mass movement, even if it is perverted by the islamist reactionary currents, they are not able to resist in a consequent way to imperialism. They do not try to rely on the masses to defeat the imperialist plans. They bargain with it to obtain that it takes their interest and their internal political positions into account. The concessions that imperialism has made when the socialist camp existed, the fruits of decolonization, have favoured the formation of bourgeoisie in all the region. The attitude of these bourgeoisies in front of imperialism is wavering. It collides to the economical hegemonism of imperialist powers that they try to lighten and they face to the rising popular movements which aspire to preserve the independence of their countries and which express their internal class demands through different forms which tend to get more radicalized while the internal social fights are sharpening et attended with consciousness. The bourgeoisie tries to protect itself from popular contestation. The political Islamism is handled by the most reactionary currents of the bourgeoisie which benefit of the financial and ideological support of the ultra reactionary oil states of the region and utilize the religion as an instrument to impose class harmony, the resignation of the workers in front of the overexploitation they suffer.

The imperialism collides also with the opposition of the other imperialist powers which want to maintain their grasp on their traditional influence zones. The recent Israelian aggression has not been a military victory which would have allowed an incontestable grasp of the American imperialism on the region. The potential of popular resistance has played a decisive role in this defeat of the American imperialism. However this defeat is relative. It must not hide the fact that the other imperialist powers, France, Germany, Italy, allied and rivals at the same time for USA, have utilized the situation to reinforce their presence and to take their part in the redistribution of the control of the region under the Finul flag. That is why it is important for the communists to undertake big efforts to extend their influence among the masses and to play their part by leading the patriotic fight and by unveiling the nature and the aims assigned by the different poles of the imperialism to the Finul and to the Security Council of UN, as an instrument of re-sharing of the world, of reprisals against the peoples and against the anti-imperialist leaders. That does not mean that the peoples cannot use the appearing contradictions in the Security Council to express their position and to obtain advantageous compromises, even though provisionally.

The pressures, and the rivalries of imperialist powers, the emergence of new poles potentially imperialist, in Latin America, in Asia, aiming to control the markets and the riches of the world, and namely its energy sources, are going to increase the dangers of local, regional, and even worldwide wars. Peace cannot result of prayers, of the multiplication of pacifist speeches, of illusory attempts to change the international relations of domination and exploitation without tackling the socio-economical foundations which create these inequalities. It can be obtained definitively only when the capitalist system, which generates inevitably the war, is abolished.

The capitalist system creates its own grave diggers. Everywhere in the world; the number of exploited workers is growing, in spite of the economical regressions due to the structural adjustments imposed by the IMF and the collapse of socialist countries.

The new generations of workers are making the experiment of the capitalist exploitation and the necessity to fight in an organized way. The fallacious propaganda on the “crimes of the communism”, on the necessity to resign in front of the capitalist domination, will meet growing difficulties to paralyze the revolutionary combativeness of the masses. That is why the imperialism leans on the most obscurantist forces to save time and multiply the diversion actions which break up the workers at the worldwide scale, like the topic of the conflict of the civilizations, or the “new war of religions”.

The communists must develop their international solidarity, support the resistance to the imperialist offensive, help the new generations of workers to assimilate the experience accumulated by their elders, cooperate on the ideological standpoint to face together the massive bourgeoisie propaganda which tries to distort the history of the revolutionary fights, to discredit not only the past and current fights of the communists, but also the progressive fights of other currents that this propaganda wants to criminalize in the aim of isolating them.

The communists must also, to take the leadership of popular movements which are developing everywhere, analyze and study with the masses the causes and the factors, including their own political, economical, cultural errors, which have favoured the victory of the counter revolution in the former socialist countries.
The Commune of Paris has been a rehearsal for the organization of a victorious insurrection against the capitalist order and the conquest of the power by the workers class and its allies under the leadership of a Marxist revolutionary party. Like the Marxists who have studied this first rehearsal at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the communists are in front of the task to study under all its aspects this first great experience of the building of the socialism, that is the soviet experience, in order to prepare the coming revolutions and to ensure their irreversible victory. 2007 will be the 90th anniversary of the October Revolution. It will provide to us the opportunity to organize discussions in relation with the fights in order to go forward in the assimilation of history lessons, to fight the lies and to draw the useful lessons for accumulating the forces to defeat a system which leads the whole humanity to annihilation.

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