«The circle»

Translated "Avante!"article by Jorge Cadima, Member of the International Department

One of the greatest crimes in history, 73 years after: the nuclear obliteration of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, carried out by North-American imperialism. The USA atomic mega - serial killers, that, for decades, have used chemical and biological weapons with impoverished uranium, along other non-conventional weapons against those that do not submit to imperialist dictates, accuse their victims of making what they , themselves carry out. Reality is turned up-side-down and propaganda is more and more absurd, away from reality.

According to the imperialism and its heralds propaganda amid the media, the world ought to be crowded with “threats” and “ sanguinary dictators”. But in the last quarter of the century, all wars were carried out by the USA, NATO and the EU, its European pillar or by Israel, its eternal ally. The devastation images in some of the Iraqi or Syrian cities recall those from Hiroshima, or Pyongyang, at the end of the War of Korea (1953). Dunford, the USA Army General-in-Chief, confesses, that currently, 300 000 American soldiers are committed in 177 foreign countries (www.jes.mil, 2018.07.23). But the UN holds 193 countries as members, therefore there is work to be done. War drums outburst- and public expenditure, along with the private profits – against the fifteen “stubborn” new Hitlers”, that do not allow USA troops in their land.

There exist an hysteria on the alleged “Russian interference” concerning the USA presidential elections, in 2016. Ironically, the Time, the North-American magazine, had as cover, in July 15th, 1996,( just upon the Russian presidential elections), Boris Yeltsin holding an American banner, and the title was ”Yankees unto salvage – The secret history of how American counsellors helped Yeltsin to win”. At the time when both history and shame had ended. Shamelessly, the Time wrote about “several false polls”, “negative publicity and all other techniques used in American campaigns”. It did not, after all, confess the probable falsification of the outcome. The case was serious, and months before, the “ Duma elections outcome, the Low Chamber in the Russian Parliament, suffered a severe set-back […]. The communists and their allies were on the way of getting control of the board ”. The democratic-western elections do not count for all this. If peoples insist in performing their desires, ignoring the “American campaigns”, there exist other mechanisms. As the brutal fascist violence that currently sweeps Nicaragua – a country that less than two years ago re-elected the Sandinista Front president, with 72% of votes – by repeating the guide, used against the “obstinate” Venezuela.

Barbaria has an academy. According to the Reuters agency (2018.06.29), “the German intelligence acknowledged, last Friday, they had employed Heinrich Himmler, the German Nazi leader’s daughter [ he was a former SS leader and directly responsible for the extermination camps] in the 60’s, although she never denied the father nor Nazism and remained an activist within the right-wing extremism”. The German CIA (DBN) had Reinhard Gehlen, as first leader, a Nazi military espionage high leader in Eastern Europe, who carried out his career, by working for the USA, in 1945 – the year of Hiroshima. Just as thousand other Nazis. The circle closed, to carry on swirling.

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